Vysoká Nízka Kladka Kábel Prílohy Domáce Posilňovne, Lat Pull Down Bar Biceps, Triceps Späť Svalov Blaster Fitness Veslovanie Cvičenie Rukoväť

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€16.47 €11.69

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  • Číslo Modelu: LATB04
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Platné Fitness Vybavenie: Veslársky Trenažér


Toma Komarova | 2020-12-10

Haven't used it yet but looks good.

5 / 5

Sladkaj1973 | 2020-11-27

Here's the negative side of these handles. The adjustment leaves to be desired, see the photo. The handle is fixed by a threaded bolt all along, inserted in plastic tube and not in Latvia as on real premiums. But it can be changed by a bolt that is not threaded all along. That's for the negative part. For the positive part. The whole seems solid. I do not know what is the nature of the metal used but it seems to be able to withstand large loads. The handles are coated with a kind of rubber, which allows to grab well. Let's get it right. They rated me 62 € the pair with the shipping costs. The real premiums, there are for 150 € at least. My opinion, if you have Ronnie coleman's template, move to the real bonus to be sure. If you are a bodybuilding amateur like me then given the price these handles are great

4 / 5

Nikkii40 | 2021-02-01

good quality, very Solid

5 / 5

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